A new year – three new Hive Scholars

This is our first post on this blog – and our first opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as the Hive Scholars for the coming year. The SAGE Sussex Research Hive has been established as part of the library refurbishment and was opened at the end of October 2010 to provide a central space for the Sussex researcher community to engage in communication and collaboration. During the past year, Craig Haslop, Jill Kirby and Chris Kempshall have worked with library staff and the Doctoral School to develop the Hive and facilitate a range of activities using the space. Sindi Gordon, Liz Thackray and Lefteris Zenerian now have the responsibility of picking up the baton and providing further opportunities for the research community to develop its use of the space the Hive offers.
We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Sindi Gordon

I am a third year doctoral student from the school of Centre of Community Engagement, My research is a creative and critical investigation into the dialogic relationship between memory and imagination and its potential for personal freedom. My background is in documentary filmmaking and developing projects that encourage people to tell their own stories. I previously studied for my Masters at Sussex University in Creative Writing and Personal Development. During my time here I have gained an understanding and appreciation of the daily challenges, concerns and aspirations of researchers.

I am now working as one of the Library’s Research Hive Scholars and I am looking forward to developing activities that encourage and support doctoral researchers to work collaboratively and individually. I will be working in the Research Hive each week, feel free to say hello and share any ideas that you have about the space.


Liz Thackray

I’m a fourth year doctoral researcher based in Sociology. My research focuses on the meanings of the metaphor of struggle and fight in the special needs system from the perspective of those who work with and those who live with high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome. You may notice the grey hairs in my photo; I sometimes say, only half in jest, that my doctoral research is retirement preparation. For me one of the most exciting things about being a doctoral researcher is meeting and learning from colleagues from different backgrounds and with varied research interests. As a Research Hive Scholar, I look forward to participating in an interdisciplinary, collaborative community, working with and getting to know other doctoral researchers and learning together as we progress on our doctoral and life journeys. During the coming year, together with Lefteris and Sindi, I will be spending time in the Research Hive and assisting in developing activities that offer opportunities for collaboration, learning and fun. Do say hello when you see me in the Hive or around campus and share any ideas you have about using the space the Hive offers us as researchers.


Lefteris Zenerian

My name is Lefteris Zenerian. I am a doctoral researcher in the Sociology department. My research is concerned with the social relations that form among people working in similar industries in geographical proximity. My fieldwork takes place in Brighton, which has a very high presence of digital media economic activities, and my methodology is qualitative. My role as a Research Hive Scholar entails communication with Doctoral researchers and the planning of activities aimed at the fostering of the research community in Sussex. You can reach me through the Hive email and, of course, in the Research Hive. I will be spending Monday mornings and afternoons working at the Hive, but I will be dropping in at other times, so do not hesitate to approach me if you have any queries.

We are all looking forward to the coming year and in our next posting, we will share some of our ideas about activities that could happen in the Hive. Most importantly though, we want to hear your thoughts and ideas and how we can enable the activities you would like to see.
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