Autumn in the Hive

The first couple of weeks of term has seen a number of researchers using the Hive for the first time. Many of these are new doctoral researchers. Welcome to Sussex and to the Library Research Hive!
In the evaluation of the first year of activity, people commented on the energising effect of being in a location where other people were engaged in study and learning, and how this enabled their own focus. Another feature of the past year were a number of events organised by the Scholars, including opportunities to explore the experience of thesis writing and a discussion around being an Associate Tutor. Do follow this blog to learn of some of the ideas and activities that are being considered for the coming year.
As well as activities in the Hive, other events happen in other spaces within the Library. Coming up shortly is International Open Access Week, and there are two events happening of particular interest and relevance to the university research community. Both take place in the new Open Learning Space on the ground floor of the Library.

An introduction to Open Access publishing
Tuesday 25th October, 11.00 – 12.30 in the Open Learning Space
Martin Eve, a doctoral researcher at Sussex and founding editor of the Open Access journals Excursions and Orbit, will provide an introduction to Open Access publishing from both a researcher and a publisher perspective. At a time when ‘publish or perish’ has become something of a watchword in the research community, this is an important topic on which there is much mythology and misinformation. Martin’s presentation will provide us with the information we need to appraise the field and make informed choices when publishing our research.
To book to attend this seminar, go to
Practical tips for publishing Open Access
Wednesday 26th October, 12.00 – 13.30 in the Open Learning Space
Lucy Robinson and David Ross, both journals publishers with SAGE, the sponsor of the Hive, will unpack more of the mysteries of Open Access publishing. SAGE Open was launched in the Spring, offering a new platform to support open access publishing in the social and behavioural sciences and the humanities. This seminar provides an opportunity to learn more of what Open Access means for the traditional academic publisher.
To book to attend this seminar, go to

More information about all Open Access Week events is available here 

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