Thesis Whisperer is coming to Sussex

By now most people will have seen the blogs and emails advertising the visit of Dr Inger Mewburn to the University of Sussex. You may have thought about attending the lecture or the workshop, but not yet got round to booking, or you may be simply too busy writing your thesis to be distracted, or you may have dismissed the events as irrelevant – what could trashy novels have to do with serious academia….

If you haven’t yet booked your place, could I urge you to do so now!


Inger is employed at RMIT in Melbourne to support research students. However she does far more than that. Through her blog and through personal contacts, often using social media, she supports and gives wise counsel to graduate researchers throughout the world. I first ‘met’ her about a year ago through a Twitter phenomena known as #phdchat. Graduate researchers and others meet together on a weekly basis to share their concerns, grumbles and successes using Twitter – and during the week continue to support each other using the #phdchat hashtag.

Inger, at @thesiswhisperer, has been an active member of that community, often providing positive help and support on the sometimes lonely and confusing journey to a doctorate. She is a fount of information and knowledge about postgraduate research, full of interesting ideas and a really good person to know.

A couple of hours away from research activities to attend one of these events will be well rewarded. Do hope to see you there. 

More details on the doctoral school site.


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