For better or worse? How much will the REF affect your research?

The first of the Hive seminars was held today and focused on REF 2014: the Sussex perspective.  Next Monday at the first of the Hive discussions there is an opportunity to explore some of the issues which arose today that are relevant to us as doctoral researchers – and things we need to be aware of if we are planning to pursue a career in academia.

What kind of things may we want to talk about?

One of the surprises for me was learning that the number of PGRs who have *achieved* their doctorate by 31st July 2013 is important as successful candidatures are counted and included in the REF figures.

  • What are the implications of this for those of us who plan to submit our thesis during the coming months?
  • What kind of pressure might we be under to complete more quickly than we expected to?
  • What support can we expect from supervisors? 
  • What should supervisors be doing to enable completion?
  • What is the potential impact for continuation students?

Our supervisors are engaged in the REF process now. Some of them may be writing additional papers in order to improve their REF profile – and in some schools they may have a reduced teaching load or study leave to enable this.  What does this mean for us?

The main purpose of REF is to inform funding allocation, but it also affects the University’s standing in league tables, etc. What are the implications for us?

During 2013, Sussex will not only be working on REF, but teaching will undergo QAA. What will be the effects of these two evaluation processes for PGRs?

How is REF likely to affect the research agenda in the future?

What is a DORKE and do we know our DODS?

Sarah Robins-Hobden will be joining us for the first part of the discussion, which will take place in the Hive on Monday, 6th February, 2012 between 1pm and 2pm. Do email if you plan to attend so we can sort out the seating.


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