The changing landscape of our research environment

We all know that we are living in a time of change in higher education – and those changes affect the research environment in which we are currently working. Funding is determined by economic considerations and the impact of the research, squeezing funding for research which academically important.
For postgraduate researchers, this raises issues of whether it will be possible to continue with research beyond the doctorate, and, if so, will it be in an academic context or elsewhere.

The Sussex Research Hive Seminar today heard from three researchers at different points in their careers: Professor Corne Kros, Dr Catherine Grant and Liz Sage. A number of themes emerged from the presentations and there will be an opportunity to explore these further at

The Hive Discussion on Wednesday, 21st March, at 1pm in the Library Research Hive.

All three speakers drew attention to the digital environment  and the changes implicit in the growth of social media and open access materials. However, it was acknowledged that open access is not the same as being open to the public. There can be a tension between the public discoverability, accessibility and understanding – maybe this carries a requirement to determine what we mean by public and public access to research findings…

There was evidence of major changes of direction in career and research interests in the experience of both established researchers, which complemented the requirement on postgraduate researchers to develop sufficient confidence to build our own research paths.

Serendipity and luck can be important – maybe more important than skills and ability at some points in our careers.

The environment is changing? What is shaping it? How can we contribute to that shaping? What are our hopes and aspirations?

Perhaps more than any of the other seminars in this series, questions were raised today which do not have easy answers, but as early career researchers merit our attention.


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