More supervision

We met this lunchtime and spent time talking about some issues some people have experienced in supervision. On confidentiality grounds, it isn’t appropriate to talk about those issues here, but it does feel appropriate to share some links for further information for those who find supervision is not a perfect partnership. Many thanks to Sarah Robins-Hobden of the Doctoral School for providing this information.

Useful Resources:

Supervision and key relationships – Practical advice on the Vitae website:

The relationship between PhD supervisor and student – Advice from Catherine Armstrong:

You and your supervisor – Extract from ‘Your PhD Companion’ (Marshall & Green, 2010):

Postgraduate Toolbox – Articles, videos and links on your supervisory relationship:

Do remember to refer to the Handbook for Doctoral Researchers for current information about arrangements at the University of Sussex, including the responsibilities of both doctoral researchers and supervisors. This can be found on the Doctoral School website:

Following the Hive discussion, I came across a blog post which may ring bells with some. If your relationship with your supervisor is not working out, do speak to them and share your concerns – they may know something needs fixing too.  Look at the resources listed above for ideas.  If you can’t fix it yourself, make an appointment to speak to the doctoral school for advice and find out your options.


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