Tell the Hive about your research and win a £15 Amazon Voucher!

Ever wondered what all the other Hive users are working on? Fancy telling us what your research is all about?

During April, the Hive Scholars are inviting doctoral researchers at Sussex to write a blog post that will introduce their research in a way that someone from outside their discipline would understand. In other words – describe their research in plain English. Sounds easy?

What do I need to do?

Write something describing your research in a way that will be understood by a reader who is not familiar with your work or discipline. It doesn’t need to be very long – think around 300 words as a guideline.

When you have written your text, send it to  (Contributions to the Hive blog are welcome any time, but to enter the draw, get your blog post to us by 30th April) 18th May.

If you have your own blog already, and would like to send us a link to it, we can include this with your post (also, you might like to share your blog with the Doctoral School who have links to many Sussex researchers’ blogs available on an RSS feed.)

What’s in it for me?

Aside from the possibility of winning a £15 Amazon voucher? A few of you have said the being able to contribute to the Hive blog would allow you to share ideas with other researchers.

If you blog already this is the ideal opportunity to introduce your blog to the Hive community and the wider Sussex research community. By sharing information about your own research you may well discover that someone else is doing something that complements your work, or might be a useful person to talk to about methodology.

There’s an increasing emphasis on researchers engaging with the public. Being able to communicate complex ideas in accessible language is a great skill to have.

What will happen to my information?

We will publish the blog posts here on the Research Hive blog after the closing date. The exact timing will depend on how many responses we get.

What about that voucher?

This isn’t a competition for the ‘best’ entry – we’ll put the names of everyone who sends us something to publish into a draw and one person will randomly be selected to win.

Closing date for entries is April 30th May 18th
Remember to send your blog post to

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