Still time to enter…

If you haven’t written your blog post describing your research in Plain English, there is still time to enter the competition and have your name in the prize draw.

You can see examples of the kind of thing we are looking for in Sarah’s blog and Liz’s blog post in this blog.

Apart from the opportunity to possibly win an Amazon voucher, there are other good reasons for joining in this activity. Firstly, it is a way of telling other people about your research and possibly being contacted by others who are interested in similar areas – who knows what somebody might be doing on the other side of campus relevant to what you are doing? Secondly, we all have to write abstracts when we make conference submissions, write journal articles and for the thesis itself – writing concisely is a good skill to develop!

The competition closes on Friday 18th May. All you need to do is send an email to with the text of your blog post. Your name will be entered in the draw, and over the next few months your post will appear on the hive blog. If you have your own blog, do send us the link and it will be included when your blog is posted.


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