Thesis writing: sharing experiences, challenges and top tips

The Hive Scholars are pleased to be able to bring back to the Hive the popular workshop/discussion on thesis writing. It is something we are all engaged in and all have something to share as well as something to learn from each other!

Wednesday, 20th June
10.30 – 12noon
Research Hive
How do you write a thesis? The actual process of writing your research can be one of the most daunting experiences of life as a doctoral researcher. Is there a formula for writing? How do you structure your time? Do you have any hints or tips for beating writer’s block? How do you deal with the word limit?
The Research Hive Scholars invite you to an open forum discussion on the merits and methods of your writing practices. This session will be driven by the ideas and topics of conversation generated by you – no lecturing!!! This is an opportunity to share experience and learn from each other!
Writing can be a lonely activity. Whether you are looking for some peer driven guidance or think you may have a useful mode for consideration then come and make connections with other doctoral researchers and share your experiences with others. 
If we find we have more to say than we can fit into 90 minutes, we can adjourn to the café at noon.
Please RSVP to if you are able to join us.

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