Research Hive and Students’ Union Event

An event organised by the Hive Scholars and the Students’ Union on the 24th of April was judged a success by all involved.

Sussex Researchers came into the Hive to get one-to-one advice from the Students’ Union representatives. For the Student’s Union this provided an opportunity for more involvement with postgraduate researcher students and it was happy to provide advice and demonstrate how it can assist the research community in Sussex. The event was appreciated by researchers who admitted that they were not aware of the Students’ Union services and the support it can provide to researchers.

The event was followed by a social gathering in Falmer Bar where researchers continued the discussion with the Students’ Union President, David Cichon, and got the opportunity to get to know each other over some drinks, courtesy of the Research Hive and Students’ Union.

The possibility of future similar events and further collaboration with the Students’ Union is being discussed. Would you like to see the Students’ Union more involved with the Sussex research community? Would you like more organised social events? Please comment on this posting with your suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Research Hive and Students’ Union Event

  1. Jeremy says:

    I didn't even know there was a social… Yes more social events during the evenings and weekends might be useful in fostering cross-area interactions between students. What are the Students' Union's services for postgrad research students?


  2. David says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    All of teh Students' Unions services are open to all students, so PGR students can all access our free and confidential Advice service or join and start up societies and sports clubs. We also represent Postgraduates to the University on a large number of committees and in turn have elected postgraduates represented within the Union committees.
    But we are aware that that is not enough and have started research through surveys and focus groups into what we should be doing better and are looking at the possibility of setting up a Postgraduate Association over the next year.
    If you, or anyone, have any comments or questions about how the Union can improve its interaction with PGR students please feel free to email


  3. lizit says:

    Sorry you did not hear about the social Jeremy. It was advertised in the Hive on flyers and on the information screen and RECs were asked to email information to PGRs. There was also a blog post advertising the event – and tweets. We do find people do not seem to always know what activities we are organising. Any suggestions on other ways of publicising welcome.



  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the info David.

    Promoting with the subject line including “social” for e-mails sometimes helps. Making a Facebook event could also help. Getting your student helpers / student reps to invite other to and maybe promote the events could help too. Hope the next event will be even more successful!


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