Research Hive 2012-13: using your feedback

At the end of the 2011-2012 academic year some of the Hive users were kind enough to give us some feedback on how they use the space. Library research support staff along with this year’s Hive scholars have listened to your feedback and plan to use it this year in running the Hive.

You said:
‘More publicity about the Hive webpage and blog would be welcome’
We will:
The new scholars are passionate about social media as we understand that this provides the main form of connection for many researchers:

·        We will keep the blog updated through sharing our own research experiences and providing tips and advice to researchers, as well as giving information about our events.

·         The Hive Twitter account will be active this year. As well as promoting events we will be using Twitter to join researcher discussion on hash tags such as #phdchat, #phdadvice, #acwri and #ecrchat. Follow us at @sussexreshive.

·         We are also starting a Facebook page for the Hive for those who prefer to keep in touch via Facebook, more news on this soon.

You said:
‘I have found that students who are not researchers are using the Research Hive’
We will:
Scholars will always intervene to stop this if any of us is on duty in the Hive. If a Scholar is not available and you notice that the door scanner is not working or that undergraduates are letting each other in please speak to a member of Library staff who will investigate.
You said:
‘My card doesn’t work very well with the door’
We have:
Replaced the card reader on the door to make it easier to use.
You said:
‘I think it’s an excellent space for quiet study but perhaps the space might also accommodate more social or research events’
‘[I don’t agree with] the emphasis on ‘collaboration’. In my experience, the overwhelming majority of people using the Hive use it for silent solitary reading and writing. These activities are, after all what research is all about’
We will:
Please feel free use the bookable meeting rooms if you wish to do group work and don’t want to disturb other users.
Some users get a great deal out of working quietly alongside other researchers; ‘community’ isn’t just about vocal communication. We also feel that the community and collaboration fostered by the Hive is not necessarily tied to the space itself.
This year the scholars are only planning to run a couple of large scale events in the Hive itself, whilst other smaller discussion based events will be held elsewhere in the library.
You said:
‘A water fountain would be useful’
We have:
Installed a water fountain on the first floor of the library (in the large computer cluster) which is easily accessible when working in the Hive.

You said:
‘Can we have laptop locks?’

We have:
We have added laptop lock anchors to many of the desks. These will be the same kind as in other areas of the Library, so you will need to buy your own locks.

You said:

‘Can we have a recycling bin for plastic bottles?’

We have:

We investigated this but recycling provision is the responsibility of the University Estates team rather than individual areas and it is not in the Library’s gift to add new bins. A new machine which crushes plastic bottles prior to recycling has now been added to the cafe though, so it’s not too far to go to recycle your water bottles

You said:
‘I like going there to get a change of scenery and use it as a place to read without distractions’
‘I like using it as a quiet space, as it provides the opportunity to work for long periods without disturbance’
We think:
Great! We hope you will continue to find the Hive a productive space to work.
Do let us know if you have any further questions or comments about the Hive, as you can see we are happy to take your feedback on board!

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