Shut Up and Write! part 2

We’re really excited about Shut Up and Write next Tuesday! We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback from people who are also looking forward to coming along.

I’ve just been reading up on the phenomenon a little bit more on the Research Whisperer blog. This post discusses expectations when setting up a weekly Shut Up and Write event. I’ve been thinking it will be great to have a bit of a feedback discussion after we’re done writing on Tuesday to think about how we can make the most of the rest of the sessions this year. For example, would it be even more motivating to share our goals of what we hope to acheive in each session?

Then this post, from the same blog a year later, looks back on what the writers have got out of the experience. I gained hope from the section about Shut Up and Write fostering good writing habits outside of the formal sessions themselves. My desire to do this might explain why I have just bought a kitchen timer to for my office to make myself do tasks like writing, reading or transcribing for set periods. The idea of banishing distraction for a timed period seems like a good habit to develop not just in the Shut Up and Write sessions.

Finally, I’ve been trying to decide what I will be writing in the first session on Tuesday. I spoke to a fellow PhD in Media Film and Music yesterday who said he will be putting together a plan beforehand to ensure he makes the most of the writing time. So I’m interested to know, how will you be preparing for the session, what will you be writing, what are you most looking forward to, and do you have any suggestions for how the sessions should best be run? Do leave a comment below or tweet us @sussexreshive. Otherwise we look forward to shutting up and writing with you on Tuesday.


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