Shut up and Write! feedback

Thanks so much to all who attended the first Research Hive Shut up and Write event in the Library Cafe on Tuesday 13th November. I think everyone found it really useful. It was a great way to meet new people aswell at the same time as being productive, and I really enjoyed how it made writing into more of a social activity.

I managed to write 1,700 words of research notes and I was on a real high afterwards. The positive peer pressure of everyone typing around me, and the ticking of the timer combined to motivate me to get words down. It was interesting becuase I felt the ‘procrastination urge’ a few times, but following up on that urge simply didn’t feel like an option.

We’ve received some great feedback via Twitter:

Holly Chard @JohnHuguesPhD tweeted: “Wrote 1,500 words in an hour at the first @sussexreshive #shut up and write event. I’d highly recommend it. Thanks for the free coffee as well.”

Ryan Burns @_RyanBurns tweeted: #shutupandwrite really useful event – I wrote 500 words when I would normally have looked at 500 YouTube videos. #productive

Laura Ellen Joyce @sacre_coeur tweeted: “I got so much written, it was great. Let’s do it again soon.”

And a fantastic email from Carol White that really sums up the event well:

“This was an exercise in group support that worked really well for me. The buzz of conversation which appears to be an integral part of the popular library cafe ambience was strangely relaxing and suited me well as one who finds attempting to work in silence very inhibiting. It appears I was not the only one with this particular hang-up on my table.

We followed the afternoon’s plan. Free tea and coffee were welcomed as a bonus treat and a bag of jelly beans were generously supplied by one of the students. After a brief introduction all round and some ideas as to the individual immediate writing plans, Rachel set the timer for the first 30 minutes writing and off we went. A chat, a refill, a couple of jelly beans, reset the timer and off we went again.

Apart for the pleasure of meeting like-minded new people in similar situations, and the joys of complaining about the difficulty of actually putting words on paper, and the fact that we were a little stretched for table space (those of us with with laptops and notes-although perhaps our proximity added to the feeling of unity) I felt I had achieved a few inches of useable prose and some inspiration for a fresh writing approach. As testimony to the appeal of the afternoon several writers declared their interest in attending the next session.”

Finally we had a couple of comments of Facebook:

Shim Shim: i loved today’s session, it was very inspiring 🙂:) thank you for organizing such a simple but effective event 🙂:) looking forward to the next one 🙂:) 
Si Ma: Thanks for today’s “Shut up and write” session!! a brilliant idea, a friendly gathering and surprisingly effective!!!

Thanks so much everyone for your valuable feedback, and do still get in touch if you attended and have anything to add. We are looking forward to the next Research Hive Shut Up and Write on Tuesday 11th December at 2.30 in the Library Cafe.

In the meantime, a group of MFM students have already held an informal Shut Up and Write event of their own, so why not consider doing the same? If you’d like any advice please get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Shut up and Write! feedback

  1. garethrwhite says:

    Hi, I attended the first SU&W, but don't remember hearing any announcements about the 11th of December one, so missed that. Are these ongoing, regular events? I've just been talking to one of my colleagues about writing up our theses, how we found the first event helpful and would like to do them at least once a week.


  2. Sussex Research Hive says:

    Hi Gareth, glad you found it useful. Yes the next Hive Shut Up and Write is this Tuesday 12th Feb at 3.00pm in the Library Cafe. We are also running one at the same time and place mid month on the 12th March and 9th April. So please come along again if you can!
    Also, I have heard tell of smaller informal Shut Up and Write groups being held in other schools so if you'd like them more regularly you could think about that too?


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