Wellbeing week 25th Feb – 2nd March

Wellbeing week is fast approaching. A jam packed week of activities and workshops to improve your physical, psychological, emotional and academic wellbeing. Check out the full programme and sign up for events on the Doctoral School Wellbeing Week page.

The Hive Scholars are very much involved in Wellbeing Week, so do come along to some of our peer led events if you can:

How to finish your doctorate: keeping the momentum going.
Tuesday 26th Feb. 11:00-13:00 Essex House room 238. Hive Scholar Charlotte Morris leads a workshop exploring motivational issues and solutions for doctoral researchers. No matter what stage of your doctoral journey you are at, it can often feel hard to keep going and stay motivated. When you first begin working on your doctorate, it can seem like a dauntingly long journey ahead of you; when in the middle of your doctorate it can feel overwhelming and even as you are writing up you might be wondering if you will ever finish. These issues will be shared and discussed during this fun, informal workshop led by fellow doctoral researcher and Research Hive Scholar, Charlotte Morris. The workshop will include hearing the secrets and tips of near and recent completers. It will be a good opportunity to get to know doctoral peers from across the disciplines, reconnect positively with your doctorate and share issues, concerns and ideas in a friendly environment.
The workshop leader will be on hand at the end of the session to discuss any individual issues / ongoing problems and help you find solutions / direct you to the best source of support.

  • Hear about the doctoral journeys of near and recent completers and find out their secrets of survival and success;
  • Reconnect with your reasons for starting and wanting to finish your doctorate;
  • Gain some perspective on your doctoral journey;
  • Start to enjoy the journey again!
  • Enjoy a friendly, supportive atmosphere with your peers;
  • You are welcome to bring your lunch with you.

Supervisor relationships: sharing tips and tricks for doctoral researchers                                       
Wednesday 27th Feb. 14:00-14:50 Open learning space, Library. The Hive Scholars host a peer-led discussion, sharing experiences of supervision, giving doctoral researchers the opportunity to discuss their tips and tricks for managing relationships and getting the best out of supervisions. The session will also give participants a chance to prepare questions for the Supervisor Question Time event at 15:00 (book seperately).

Researcher Wellbeing Walk                                                                                                                 Friday 1st March. 15.00-17.00

Whilst locked into your studies, trapped in your office or searching in the library it is easy to forget that the University of Sussex campus is nestled into the beautiful South Downs.
For the end of Wellbeing Week seize the chance to leave work behind for a few hours; take yourself physically away from your research, your desk, your lab – stretch your legs and get some fresh air, meet other researchers. A leisurely stroll round Stanmer Park, stopping off at Stanmer House for a cuppa. The return walk will take in the Farmers’ market at Falmer. End the walk at The Swan for a rewarding drink and social. There will be ample opportunity for examining the natural world that surrounds our campus, engaging in photography and any other relaxing pursuit that you may choose. Spring and Summer are on the way and the Downs will shortly become full of life making now the perfect time to begin your exploration of the world beyond your computer screen.
  • Just show up at 15:00 in the courtyard of Falmer House and we’ll go from there. Don’t forget pocket money for refreshments!


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