Postgraduate Researcher Experience Survey (PRES)

During our time so far as Hive Scholars, we have heard a lot from researchers about their experiences, both good and bad. As we all know, sometimes as researchers we can feel fairly isolated, and feel like problems we are having are just our problems. But it seems to us that there are a lot of common issues that researchers face. Sometimes these can be dealt with through better peer support networks, or gaining skills by attending workshops in time management and dealing with stress for example. But there are some issues that are more to do with the structures of how the university works: they are issues that the university could help improve.

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey is now open. The survey is your chance to tell the university about your experience of your research degree. This is the only national survey of postgraduate research students, meaning it will compare the experience of Sussex researchers on a national level (like the National Student Survey (NSS) for undergraduates). This means that university are going to take it very seriously, especially if there is a high volume of responses. This is the best way to get your voice heard and effect changes that will improve researcher experience in the future. Your responses are anonymous so you can be totally honest.
So please fill out the survey in as much detail as possible. As a thank you for your time, the university is offering everyone who completes the survey a £5 food voucher to spend on campus.


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