Researcher Wellbeing Walk Next Friday, 3 May!

On the heels of the successful Wellbeing Walk organised by the Doctoral School in March comes another opportunity to enjoy an afternoon away from work by stretching your legs and enjoying the beautiful South Downs in the springtime with fellow researchers! 

All doctoral researchers are invited to join the Hive Scholars for a leisurely stroll through Stanmer Park on Friday, 3 May.  We know all too well how difficult it can be to set aside time to not only enjoy the fresh spring air and beautiful Sussex countryside, but to look after your own health and allow your mind to escape the endless stream of research questions that can consume your day.  Why not take this opportunity to physically remove yourself from your research, the library, the lab, and — yes — even the Hive (!), to look after your wellbeing and meet other Sussex researchers?

Meet at 3.30pm in the courtyard of Falmer House and be prepared for a lovely afternoon with friendly colleagues.  We’ll make our way around Stanmer Park and see where the afternoon takes us.  Bring your camera or sketchbook to document the natural beauty we’ll encounter!  And, of course, our afternoon will conclude with a pub social where we can share our favourite pictures and stories from our day.  No need to book — simply join us!

For more information, feel free to contact the Scholars at .


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