How to Organise an Academic Conference: resources

The fully booked Research Hive and Doctoral School event ‘How to Organise an Academic conference’ on April 18th was a great success.

Speakers included experienced conference organisers from the schools of Education and Social Work, Media Film and Music and the Sussex Cultural Studies Research Centre. Sarah Robins-Hobden also spoke about the Researcher Led Initiative Fund (RLI), a pot of funding for research events that all the conference organisers had successfully secured.  After an introduction that gave an overview of the conference organising timeline, researchers spoke in detail about their experiences and what they had learned, and Sarah concluded with advice about RLI applications, leaving time for Q&A at the end.

Feedback forms were distributed at the end of the session and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. When asked ‘what did you find most useful in this session’ comments included: ‘hearing from people who have experienced organising a conference’; ‘practical advice on funding and personal stories about past experiences’; ‘everything was useful’; ‘practical suggestions’; ‘explanation of timelines and when to be organising what’; ‘it was fantastic’. The majority of the forms had no suggestions for improvement but two people asked for more detail on finance: specifically budgeting and budget codes. This feedback will be taken into account for future events.

If you missed the workshop, or you would like more information about how to organise a conference, numerous resources including notes and PowerPoints for the session were have now been made available online for Sussex researchers here. If you have any further questions please get in touch with us at


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