3 New Hive Scholars for 2013-2014

As a new academic year begins, the SAGE Sussex Research Hive is proud to introduce three new Hive Scholars for 2013-14. We’d like to thank the fabulous trio of outgoing scholars: Charlotte Morris, Frank Verano and Rachel Wood who did an amazing job this past year. We look forward to building upon some of their past events and creating a few of our own with the help of the library staff and the Doctoral School.  A hearty welcome from your new Hive Scholars: Rachel Gimson, U. Ejiro O. Onomake and Jack Zeniewski 

                                            From left to right: Jack, Rachel and Ejiro

                                                      Rachel Gimson

Hello! I am a third year full time law PhD student. My research assesses the role of the defendant in crimes that unfold in the media and considering the impact of this on their due process rights. I also teach undergraduate land law, for my sins. Feel free to come find me or stop me if you see me, I am always looking for new friends!

                                                      U. Ejiro O. Onomake

I am in my last year of the PhD programme in the anthropology department; my research examines the agency of Nigerians in relationships between Chinese and Nigerians in business and educational settings. Before coming to Sussex I worked in both private and public sectors and lived in in the United States, Japan and China. As a Hive scholar it is my pleasure to serve as conduit between researchers across campus. Additionally it is an honor to serve as a link between researchers and resources that can help them as they navigate the early part of their careers. I look forward to seeing you around campus and in the Hive.

                                                      Jack Zeniewski 

When I was born in Toronto in the early eighties I could not walk, talk or even brush my own teeth. I have come a long way since. I have made ads for ten years while also directing and producing a number of films. Now I am doing a PhD about the convergence of advertising and documentary film. Who would have thought it?


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