Upcoming Research Hive Welcome Event 09/10/13

20 Question You’ve Always Wanted to Ask 
(but never had the courage to):

(Photo courtesy of JasonJenkinsLive: http://www.flickr.com/photos/abstract10/)

Being a researcher is exciting whether you’re just starting your doctoral research; writing up your dissertation or starting your first job post graduation. But being a researcher can also be daunting. Sometimes, you have questions that you don’t necessarily want to ask your supervisor or head of department.
That’s what we’re here for.
We at the Research Hive are pleased to welcome you to our first event of the new term. Come and meet up with other PhD and early career researchers from across campus and exchange experiences, gossip and most importantly, ask questions.
*Goodie bags complete with Falmer Bar drink vouchers will be provided*
Date: Wednesday 9th October 2013
Time 4-6pm
Location: Research Hive (Top floor of the library) 4-5pm; Falmer Bar 5-6pm
Please email researchhive@sussex.ac.uk  with any questions
See you on the 9th!

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