Free Software Available!

Ok, so it’s not often that you get to find something amazing on your travels across the Internet (let’s face it the 100th picture of a cat doing something stupid is hardly ‘interesting’) but the amazing staff at the library have done just that. That is, they have found some amazing freeware software for you to download and install on your computer (we suspect that they have also found another picture of a cat doing something stupid, but we’re not going to dwell on that!). 
Developed by FreeSmug, MyStudyBar contains a variety of freeware and open access software that replicates some of the access software that you can find on a variety of computers across campus. Features include speech to text programmes (although perhaps you shouldn’t use this one in the Hive), mind mapping tools and apps to customise the font and background of your desktop software programmes. All of these are designed to provide a “comprehensive learning support at the desktop”. Check it out at
Although MyStudyBar is designed for Windows computers there are a variety of Mac-based programmes available from the FreeSmug website

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