We Want to Hear from You!

Another academic year has come to an end and it’s time for us to review the past year. We’d love to hear from members of the Sussex research community to express their views on the Research Hive. We want to hear from all of you-those who use the Hive regularly, those who occasionally pop in to attend events or use the Hive, and those who have never come in.

We have an online survey:  https://www.survey.bris.ac.uk/sussex/hive2014/   that should take less than 10 minutes to complete! Deadline to complete the survey is Friday the 20th June 5pm.

We also have an online focus groups organised by the Hive Scholars on Tuesday the 24th June. We will send out login details for the online focus group to participants after the survey deadline. Please indicate your interest on the survey or email us at researchhive@sussex.ac.uk and let us know you’d like to participate. The focus group is an opportunity for researchers to share thoughts, views and experiences in a friendly, informal and confidential setting.With your help we at the Hive will gain a better understanding of how researchers relate to the Hive as a community; find out what we’re doing well  and how we can improve our work and contribute to a positive researcher experience.


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