Reflections from the Scholars: Ejiro

Serving as a scholar has been an amazing opportunity. Rachel, Jack and I were able to draw upon our different backgrounds and personalities to work well together. 

Some of my favourite events were ‘Speed Dating Your Research’, the Twitter chat for ‘20 questions’, the publishing event with Mila Steele and the second peer to peer teaching event. While I was disappointed with the turnout for some events, I was pleased with the range of events we provided for our colleagues.

My biggest joy of being a Research Hive Scholar was the opportunity to contribute to the Sussex research community. Throughout the year I met a variety of scholars, most of whom sought to combat the isolation faced by many researchers. These scholars found relief either by working in the Hive; attending events and meeting new people or speaking with one of us scholars. Helping my colleagues to engage in the community by helping plan events that were inspired by their needs, and being available as a sounding board was one of the best ways I could participate in the Sussex research community.


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