Reflections from the Scholars: Rachel

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Hive Scholar. We have become all too familiar with the stresses and workloads of academia but it is something that I believe is more keenly felt with doctoral researchers. I have learnt a lot during my time as a Hive Scholar by engaging with the researcher community at Sussex. Of most interest to me were the various ways in which academics can engage individuals in their research through social media. After attending a Hive Seminar on the topic and participating in a Scholar event I was convinced to make better use of my Twitter account and to set up a blog on my area of research. I also enjoyed researching the complex world of Open Access in order to write a blog post on the topic in the Spring Term.

I have enjoyed discovering the inner workings of the labyrinthine Sussex Library and the world of academic publishing. On the back of the Hive position (but not as a Scholar) I was invited to deliver a presentation on ‘what I want from publishers’ to a series of academic publishers organised the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP). Through this I was able to participate in a day of discussions between researchers and publishers. It was an illuminating experience and awoke a passion in me as to how publishers can best support individuals with specific learning difficulties. This is something that I hope to pursue later during my academic career (if I get that far!).
Due to those experiences I found my time as a Research Scholar really rewarding. I have enjoyed the work with the Research Hive team just as much as the challenges that came with the position and I will benefit from my experience throughout my academic career.


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