On the importance of fact-checking before you publish…

Just over a month ago I published a post on the blog called PhD pride, where I discussed how it can be difficult to get across what doing a PhD entails to people in your life. I grumbled about my boyfriend saying that he thought it was similar to when he was at University because – and I’m quoting myself here – ‘since my boyfriend mainly ate pizza and played FIFA when he was an undergrad, after ten hours slaving over a hot laptop it can be a tad difficult not to be curt when you point out that actually darling, it’s actually quite different actually.’

Well, the boyfriend has now seen said blog post commenting on his undergrad lifestyle, and provided a valuable lesson for us all in the importance of fact-checking before you publish something. He rolled his eyes, mumbled something about understanding better now and then added ‘not FIFA – Pro Evo, actually.’

So I’m publishing this full and grovelling apology, along with words of warning to you all: best to check everything thoroughly before you put it out there because sometimes the consequences could be worse – even worse- than having to listen to a twenty minute lecture on the distinction between two football computer games.

P.S. If anyone remembers the saga with my nan, she’s now been brought round to the idea that I’m training to be an especially well-paid English teacher, and left me with the immortal words ‘Oh right, so you’re not just going on and on with it all for no reason?’ She still, however, does not like the fact that I don’t yet have time to make various chutneys and have babies.

This post was written by Lana, one of our Research Hive Scholars. You can contribute to our blog too! Just send your post of between 500 and 1,500 words to researchhive@sussex.ac.uk and it could be the next one you see here. We welcome blogs on any element of life as a researcher. If you’re at Sussex University and your post is accepted for publication before the end of the Autumn term you’ll automatically be entered into our prize draw to win a £50 voucher!


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