Thank you all for joining our Festive Event!

It was a great pleasure to see so many Sussex Doctoral researchers at the Doctoral School and Research Annual Hive Festive event on Thursday December 11th. Researchers across all departments and disciplines came along to meet up with many other like-minded people through our innovative Hive Bingo Card Quiz, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and treat themselves with some lovely mulled wine and minced pies.

In the end of the event, we announced our Blog Competition winner who gets a £50 voucher: Simon F. Davies from the School of English was the lucky one, whose name was picked randomly out of a hat. His tips on how to submit an article to an academic journal were much appreciated. Read his blog post here:
We’d also like to thank the rest of the people who submitted such interesting blog posts and contributed to the Hive blog this term:
Maria Kirk, School of English, ‘On being a PhD student and a new parent’:
Diarmuid Hester, School of English, ‘Zen and the art of doctoral research’:
Zoe Strimpel, School of History, ‘Navigating the amazingly chatty world of scholarship’:
Nicole Mennell, School of English, ‘The Art of not procrastinating’:
Although there’s no blog competition running in the Spring term, we’d be delighted to publish blog posts written by researchers and PhD students at Sussex and beyond. The posts could be about challenges you’ve faced, tips for maintaining that elusive work-life balance, an exciting outline of your research or anything that you think would be interesting and relevant for other researchers to read. Just drop us an email at and your submission could be published right here on our blog.
Many exciting events and blog posts are on their way for the Spring term. Keep up to date with the latest news of the Hive by checking our blog and social media pages!

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