January in the Hive: events, air events and romantic temperaments!


Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely break and are ready to reinvigorate your research. And if not, we have just the thing…


January Shut Up and Write!
It’s that time again! On the 13th of every month from 2pm-4pm in the Meeting House’s Quiet Room, the Hive runs Shut Up and Write.
The ideas is to remove distractions, stop procrastinating and benefit from collective silence and focus. After a quick chat, a biscuit and cup of coffee everyone will shut up and get on with it!
So bring your laptop, bring other researchers, and bring your word count up!
There’s no need to book, just turn up. There’s a facebookevent if you want to click attending to remind yourself, and do invite other researchers to spread the word!

Doctoral Discussions: Conferences & Networking
Ever wondered how to get the most out of a conference? Interested in learning how to organise your own conference? The Sussex Research Hive is here to help you out with all your conference and networking-related questions! Come along to the first session of the Research Hive’s Doctoral Discussions series to hear from fellow researchers and share experiences. Friday 23rd January in the Barlow Gallery, Library Ground Floor from 12.30-2pm. Lunch will be provided.

Air vents
We’re really sorry that the Hive has been so chilly recently! We’ve had a few requests for heaters in the suggestions box, but unfortunately it’s a problem with the central heating throughout the library rather than just the Hive. Engineers are currently fitting a new pump and the heat should come through again soon, but we’ll keep you updated with any further developments.

Romantic temperaments
It must be something about the time of year that’s meant we’ve had quite an increase of notes popped in our Hive suggestion box recently. And while we’re sorting out the heating as quickly as we can as per your pleas, it seemed rude not to say thank you to the researcher who declared their undying love for the library staff and security. We can’t live without you either, mystery admirer!
And there must be something in the air, because some romantic soul decided to tell us that the Hive is ‘a wonderful place where I met a wonderful woman’. Daww.
Make us smile by keeping your thoughts and suggestions about the Hive coming! You can email us at researchhive@sussex.ac.uk, tweet us @sussexreshive or drop us a facebook message, but as the suggestions box showed this week, nothing beats a handwritten note!

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