Tweeters! Win a MacBook with #ShareMyThesis

Are you on Twitter? The British Library is running a competition to win a MacBook Pro – and all you have to do is explain why your research is important in 140 characters or less, and include the hashtag #ShareMyThesis.

Not only could you walk away with a snazzy bit of kit, but being able to succinctly explain your work’s relevance and impact is one of the most important skills you can learn!

You have until 10am on 9th February. Good luck!

Of course, if you can’t quite squeeze it all in and want to write a blog post for us about your research as well then we’d be delighted to read it! We’re always looking for guest blogs from researchers at Sussex and elsewhere on something they think other researchers might be interested in reading. So if you have an idea or something you’d like us to publish here, drop us a line on Sadly we’re on a slightly tighter budget than the British Library, so don’t have any Apple products to give away, but hundreds of people read each blog post we publish, so it’s a great way of disseminating your work and raising your academic profile!


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