January Starters Welcome Event Sum Up

It was great to see lots of January PhD starters in the Doctoral School Welcome Event yesterday!
The session took place at the Library and it included a lot of interesting talks from people that work for a wide range of services offered to the research community at Sussex.
The event kicked off with Paul Roberts, Assistant Director of the Doctoral School, who welcomed the new researchers and presented the Researcher Development programme. Paul also introduced to the new students the Researcher Led Initiative Fund, which is generously provided by the Doctoral School in an attempt to support research staff and doctoral researchers in organising and running their own development events and activities.

Camilla Briault, Head of Research Student Administration, gave a very informative speech on how the Doctoral School can help you with any admin enquiries during your PhD studies. Also, Danny Weddup, Student Life Advisor, made the new researchers familiar with the services offered by the Student Life Centre. 
Bethany Logan, Research Support Supervisor, spoke about the support services provided by the Library to the PhD students and researchers at the University of Sussex. These include various training workshops, seminars, and events that can help you get the most out of your PhD experience and engage with the research community on campus. In the end of the session, Jay Culligan, one of the Hive Scholars for this year, shared his experiences regarding the PhD process and pointed out some very useful tips for first-year PhD students. His reflections on ‘what he wished he’d know in his first year’ will be up to this blog soon!
The event ended up with the new researchers and Hive scholars having some very lively discussions while enjoying a few free drinks at Falmer Bar.
We’d like to thank you all for showing up yesterday and we do hope to see you again soon! Don’t forget to keep up to date with our exciting upcoming events through our blog and social media pages.
If you have any questions or you’d like to contribute to this blog, drop us a line to researchhive@sussex.ac.uk. We’re always interested in new ideas!

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