Fold away stress with Origami Hour!

We all know that working as a researcher can take its toll, so as part of the University’s Wellbeing Week the Research Hive is hosting Origami Hour: a chance shake up your routine, learn a new skill and focus on something a bit different for a change.

Join us in the Sussex Research Hive from 3-4pm on Monday 9th March and spend some quality time with other researchers discovering the theraputic benefits of paper folding. Materials and instructions to create some simple origami objects will be provided, and while none of us are experts ourselves, the Hive Research Scholars will be on hand to try and help if you get stuck.

If you would like to you can also use your creations to anonymously vent how you’re feeling about your work. We suggest that you write any hopes, dreams and asprations you have about your research career on the wings of a crane (so they can take flight!) and any fears and worries on a little boat (so they can sail off into the distance…)

Although the event is on Monday, we’ll be leaving the paper and instructions in the Hive for the whole week, so please feel free to pop in and add to the collection or use them as a way of taking a ten minute break from work.

You’ll be very welcome to take anything you make with you, but if you do want to leave them behind we’ll put them up on string and use them to brighten up the Hive for a little while. We’re expecting it’ll look like this by the end of the week…


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