Thanks to all that came along to our Teaching event!

Thanks to everyone who made it to our Doctoral Discussions event on Teaching yesterday. We believe it was a great lively discussion full of interesing insights, useful advice, and experiences on teaching shared by both the speakers and the audience.
Our wonderful speakers, Alastair Gray from Philosophy, Stella Georgiadou from Politics, and Boidurjo Rick Mukhopadhyay from Business and Management, all Doctoral Researchers and Associate Tutors at Sussex, covered several topics regarding teaching, such as how to build confidence as a tutor, how to improve your marking and feedback, and how to teach small groups in an effective way. 

From left to right, our speakers Rick, Stella, and Alastair.
The questions from the audience were focused also on how to teach a subject that is outside your frame of expertise, how to deal with diversity and different group dynamics in seminars, and how to keep the class discussion at a level which everyone can follow.

Here’s the session recording for those of you who couldn’t make it and would like to learn some useful tips from fellow researchers:

Stay tuned for the upcoming Hive events!


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