March in the Hive

March has been really productive for the Research Hive! Here are the things we’ve done and are planning to do until the event of the month:

Doctoral Discussions event on Teaching
Doctoral Discussions is a series of peer-support sessions on topics that are particularly relevant to PhD students and researchers, and this one was all about Teaching! Doctoral students and researchers from all around the campus came along to share tips and experiences on how to be an effective and confident tutor. We do believe that people got well informed and enjoyed a lively and useful discussion. Next Doctoral Discussions event topic: Collaboration – we’ll keep you updated for that one!
Wellbeing Week – Origami Hour
That was a great one! As part of the Wellbeing Week on campus (March 9th-13th), we put up an event on how to make Origami. We found out that folding paper can be quite challenging but much fun at the same time. We’ve managed to create some really nice designs (a few of them look pretty professional) and decorated the Hive. You can have a look at our creations in the Hive during this week, plus we’ve left plenty of origami paper and designs on the tables for you to give it a go too! Check all the Wellbeing Week events here:
Shut Up & Write session
Last but not least, our Shut Up & Write session is planned for the 13th of this month (this Friday), 2-4pm, in the Quiet Room of the Meeting House. February’s sessions proved very productive for all of us who were there, so don’t miss the chance for a real productivity boost this month! Join our special Shut Up & Write facebook group for more info:
As always, we’re more than happy to receive questions, suggestions, and blog pieces from anyone that’s interested in the research community at Sussex, so keep in touch through our social media pages or send us an email to


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