New reading group on the Politics of Nature

Are you interested in the Politics of Nature? We are setting up a new university-wide reading group to discuss issues related to the commodification and financialisation of nature, greengrabbing, scarcity politics, green economy, resistance, social movements, indigenous peoples and (feminist) political ecology. The aim is to meet monthly for a brown-bag lunch and discuss a reading circulated beforehand.

Interested? Come along to the first meeting on Thursday, October 1, 12-1pm in room 119 in the IDS. We will start by discussing Noel Castree and George Henderson’s 2014 article “The Capitalist Mode of Conservation, Neoliberalism and the Ecology of Value”, which we hope can serve as a starting point and may generate some interesting debate, and then jointly decide on next month’s topic.

Everyone is welcome! For questions, or if you can’t attend but would like to be kept in the loop, please contact or

All the best,

Andrea and Amber


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