South-South Cooperation – Seminar and Film at IDS

Seminar and Film Screening
Thursday 1st October
13:00 to 14:30, IDS Convening Space
 ‘Daqui a Nada’: South-South Cooperation, Brazilian Investments and Local Livelihoods in Mozambique’s Nacala Corridor
Mariana Santarelli (CERESAN/UFRRJ, Rio de Janeiro)
Chaired by Alex Shankland
Mariana Santarelli, a doctoral researcher at CERESAN, the Reference Center for Food and Nutrition Security at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) will talk about her research and show a short film, “Daqui a Nada”, which she has made about the controversial Brazilian development cooperation and investment activities in the Nacala Corridor, Mozambique. The film was made as part of an ActionAid project that is looking at BRICS cooperation and investments. It is the result of a 900 km trip along this corridor, which connects Vale’s coal mines in Tete to the port of Nacala – and which is also where ProSavana, a major regional rural development programme, is being implemented with support from Brazil and Japan. The film is about the perceptions of local communities and social movements of the impacts of these megaprojects on their livelihoods. In addition to introducing the film, Mariana will also be presenting some key findings from the CERESAN research project on Brazil’s South-South Cooperation for food sovereignty and food and nutrition security.
All Welcome

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