Hive Welcome Event Was a Success

by Felipe Antunes de Oliveira

Thank you very much everyone who came for the Hive Welcome Event last Friday!

It was a huge success! We have never seen so many people in the Hive!

Our speakers were great and made a unanimous invitation: get involved in University politics! Thanks Tom, Pedro and Rose – we are glad to have you as Reps.

Getting more and better workspaces, securing teaching opportunities for all and making sure our voice as doctoral researcher is heard in key University decisions – these are important goals that can only be achieved through collective participation.

After the talks, the drinks at the IDS were also very well attended! It was nice to see people making new friends across the campus.

At some point, a colleague asked me: how often to you do this welcome event?

Only once a year! – I answered, a bit sad.

But don’t worry, we will have many other events going on during the next months!

See you all in the Hive.


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