Shut Up and Write: Thoughts from the first session

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Dhaba Café for our first SU&W session of the year! The other scholars and I had decided to trial a new format, in which we forgo the introductions and chat at the beginning, and save any discussion for the end. It’s called ‘Shut Up and Write’, after all!

The eight of us settled in and began writing at 3:30, while the café was still open for business. We set ourselves a lofty goal of writing for a full hour! After Dhaba closed at 4:00, Felipe and I quietly passed around some hot drinks and snacks, so there would be no interruption during writing time. The hour passed much more quickly than we expected, and then we finished off the snacks, and discussed what we had been working on.

We discovered that there was a lot of variety – some people were writing purely from their own thoughts, while others had brought along books and papers to consult. Some people were generating new material, while others were editing previously written chapters. We even discovered that between the eight of us, there were at least three different writing software programmes in use!

These were some of the things that came up in our post-writing chat:

  • How many words we had written
  • Pros and cons of various writing and citation management programmes
  • Upcoming writing events like Thesis Boot Camp
  • Our writing processes (i.e. making a plan vs. writing freely)

All in all, it was an amazingly productive session! Personally, I wrote a little over 600 words, and learned a lot about the way my colleagues from other schools work.

Shut Up and Write is a recurring event, taking place on the 11th of every month, and we would love to see even more people at the next session! Keep an eye on this blog, our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and our dedicated SU&W Facebook group for information on locations and times!


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