Apps for Researchers Event Recap

To kick off Sussex Mobile/Technologies Week, I wanted to write a quick summary of yesterday’s Apps for Researchers Event. Links to all relevant apps will be included, so that you can try out ones that interest you. They are all available for both iPhone and Android, unless otherwise stated. 

Despite an unexpected power outage and a sudden change of venue, the event got off to a great start! Dr. Catherine Pope gave us a brief introduction to, which she referred to as a ‘transformative’ means of measuring personal progress. allows you to set goals (both academic and non-academic!) and tick them off each day that you achieve them. You can set weekly targets, and build streaks with each day that you meet your objectives. Common goals like ‘go to the gym’, or ‘practice an instrument’, for example, will already have a number of people signed up to them. Within each goal, there is a discussion area where other joiners can ask questions, suggest tips, or congratulate each other on their streaks. Of course, you can also opt to keep your goals private.

Then, Sally Burr introduced us to Cogi, which is a recording app useful for taking audio notes in lectures or meetings (with the speaker’s permission, of course!). Cogi aims to solve the problem of not knowing that you want to record something until the speaker has already started talking about it. When you begin a session, Cogi starts buffering. When you realize that a particular moment is worth remembering, you press the centre button, and Cogi stores the audio starting up to 45 seconds before you pressed the button. No more lack of context!

These were the main apps discussed during our event. Here is a short list of the others – some academic, and some just for fun!

  • Coffitivity – Plays the ambient noise of a café to help get you into a focused and productive frame of mind.
  • File Manager – Looks like the file directory on your computer, but for your phone! Allows you to copy, paste, compress, rename, search, and save your files to your device for offline reading.
  • Duolingo – Free language learning programme, offering 24 language courses. Plays like a game, encourages regular practice, and syncs with the online version, if you prefer to practice primarily on your laptop!
  • Chess Online – Carry your chess game with you! Features different levels, game timers, and (I’m told) very competent players.
  • RefME – Automated citation generator that allows you to scan the barcode of a book, and turn it into a full citation, in any style, ready to be exported to Word, Mendeley, Zotero, Evernote, etc.
  • Rome2Rio – Type in your starting point and your destination, and the app will list all of your different travel options (bus, train, plane, etc.), the journey times, and even the schedules! iPhone only.
  • – Download a map of your destination before you travel, then use it to find where you are, point yourself in the right direction, and search for nearby amenities, all offline!

It was a fantastic morning, and everyone came away with some new tools to try. We hope you enjoy the rest of Mobile/Technologies Week!



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