Blog competition: blog posts

The Hive Scholars are happy to announce our next blog competition.  This time, we are asking if you would submit a blog post about the topic: your top writing tips.  It doesn’t have to be very long, all we would like is some helpful suggestions from you about academic writing.  If you have good links, helpful references or YouTube videos, feel free to add them to your post.

If you have a burning desire to write about something else however, that’s also great and we’d love to accept your submission.


As always we have great prizes for you:

  • £10 in National Book Tokens or Amazon voucher
  • SAGE goodie bag
  • 25% off SAGE publications

Please submit your posts to our email:

The deadline is the 29th of February. If you can’t get something in by then, don’t worry we’ll be running a competition next month too!

You can always tweet at us to let us know that you have submitted, will be submitting or are interested in submitting something!


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