Hive blog competition: results and new competition

Thanks so much for your entries on writing tips! Some really useful advice.  We will be continuing to think about writing tips with some upcoming blogs so look out for those.  We are happy to announce our winner is:

Natalie Edelman

Congratulations Natalie.  Check out her post here, and submissions by others here and here.  Natalie is the recipient of some great prizes, including SAGE goodies.

We are now announcing our next competition. 

This month the theme is on: conference experiences. Write to us with any aspect of your conference experiences. Good or bad, we’d love to hear from you.  Just write a short paragraph and send it over via our, or via out twitter @sussexreshive


As always we have great prizes for you:

  • £10 in National Book Token or Amazon voucher
  • SAGE goodie bag
  • 25% off SAGE publications

The deadline is the 31st of March. If you can’t get something in by then, don’t worry we’ll be running a competition next month too!

Good luck.




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