Conference experience

We are focusing on conference experiences for this month’s blog competition.  We have had our first entry! Check it out below: 

I had attended an international conference at Glasgow on 3-4th March 2015 with my supervisor who already had a talk there. This conference covered the bio-mineralisation work from many sides and points of view. I have met some students and lots of experts professors in the centre of my field and did many useful  discussions about my work with nanomaterial/bio-mineralisation that I have done in the first year. In addition,  I managed to present a poster titled:
((Preparation and Stability Studies of Novel Silica Nanotubes With Amyloid Peptide Core For Bio-Nanotechnology Applications)).
At the end of the conference sessions, my supervisor (and me) was very happy because my poster was the first of five candidates among 64 posters from different countries!

3rd year PhD, Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences University of Sussex

Thanks to Zahraa for sending this in to us.  If you are interested in sharing your conference experience send it in to us at our email or on our twitter.


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