Teaching and Learning Experience at Sussex series – this Wednesday lunchtime

What works for me in teaching with Dr Denise Turner
When: This Weds (6th April) 12 – 13.30
Where: The Meeting House Quiet Room
How: Book your place here
In the second session in the Spring TaLES series, we focus in on innovative, inventive and inspiring teaching techniques. We’ll examine:
  • What kind of tools and teaching methods are people using to get students engaged?
  • How can we bring dry or abstract material to life in the classroom?
  • How do we avoid asking students to do the same activities week after week?
  • What happens when being inventive doesn’t work?
To open, we hear from Dr Denise Turner, winner of a Teaching Excellence Award 2015, about the innovative approaches she’s used in her teaching. She shares her experience of using technology for effective teaching – as well as what happens when it doesn’t go to plan – and talks about the methods she’s used to inspire her students. We then open the floor to share the ways we’ve experimented with different teaching methods and tools – giving you a sense of what works, what doesn’t and what you might like to try yourself.
Any questions or ideas for future TaLES events, please contact L.Sage@sussex.ac.uk or visit the TaLES Series pages for more information



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