Hive Survey Results

The scholars would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the Research Hive survey! Your feedback is extremely helpful, and we wanted to share some of the results with you.

Hive platforms

Firstly, we are pleased to see that the majority of you are familiar with our online platforms – this blog, our Twitter feed, and Facebook page. We received some really useful suggestions for content, and will be striving to include more personal experiences and practical tips


You mentioned that you’d like more social events.  We are definitely interested in creating fun events for PhDs and have a couple of events coming up.  The Hive will be hosting an end of the year drinks – look out for more information soon!

Hive Scholar Katie will also be hosting an event for those researchers based outside of London.  Look out for this at the beginning of June.  If you would like some input in this event, do get in touch with us.

It might also be worth becoming a part of the Postgraduate Association if you would like more regular social events.  They will be featuring shortly on the blog so look out for more information!

Some respondents specifically requested an event featuring talks by people who have recently had their vivas. We are happy to announce that this will be the focus of our next Doctoral Discussions seminar! We will be posting about this event soon.  If you would be interested in speaking, do let us know via our email

Hive practicalities

Computers and laptops: Some people mentioned that it would be useful to have more computers in the Hive.  If all of the computers are in use, ITS offers a service that allows you to borrow a laptop.  There are also laptop stations around the library. More information about borrowing can be found here.

Some people also mentioned the possibility of having a tea or coffee machine in the Hive.  We have passed on your suggestions to the library and will keep you updated.

Information for researchers

Some responders suggested that they would like more information and doctoral training.  Luckily, the University provides lots of different training happening all year round, so you can find the training you need!  Have a look at the Doctoral School’s upcoming events here.

General feedback

Some of the practical information we gained will also be very useful in the future. For example, the survey shows that most people are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is something that we will keep in mind when scheduling future events!

Thanks again for your responses. They will help us make the Hive an even better resource for doctoral researchers at Sussex!


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