Getting Your Work Published!

In the end it all comes to this. What is the point of doing research if you can’t publish it? Furthermore, publishing is key to getting an academic job after finishing the PhD.

Unfortunately, publishing may seem challenging for young researchers.

Well, the Sussex Research Hive is here to help you with that!

As our final event of this academic year, we invited a SAGE editor to give us top tips on getting published!

Hive event June 30th FINAL

Book Online Here.

After the talk, join us for drinks at the IDS Bar!

Speaker Bio:

Bronia Flett is Editor, Online Library Products at SAGE. She works on digital content for SAGE’s online research methods platform (SAGE Research Methods) and is responsible for the SAGE Research Methods Cases collection. Bronia has a background in academic research and has a MRes and PhD from the University of Aberdeen.

Summary of the talk:

Bronia will share top tips on getting published, including advice on how to decide which form your dissemination should take, how to choose the right publisher and how to prepare a book proposal. She’ll talk through the process of writing for journals and the importance of following guidelines.  The talk will then introduce participants to SAGE Research Methods Cases. Bronia will discuss the opportunities that exist for publishing outside the mainstream routes of books and journals. Participants will be encouraged to turn their own research project into a publishable case study for SAGE!


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