Greetings from new Research Hive Scholar: Tom Ottway


My name is Tom Ottway, and I’m one of the three new SAGE Sussex Research Hive Scholars, whose job it is to offer peer support to PhD researchers at the University of Sussex.

I’m really pleased to have been selected to be a Hive Scholar as although I know the university well, my role is is new: having been a student, tutor and senior manager here at Sussex, I know that trying to fit in a part-time PhD at the same time is extremely hard. I’ve now made the transition and taken the plunge myself, and I am keen to help others make the best of the transition to a PhD, whether you are a ‘home’  or international student, a mature student or are carrying from a Masters level. One thing is for sure, it can be isolating. So for this reason, we want to support you as peers; as someone who has probably experienced similar feelings or problems.

I’m in the School of Media, Film & Music researching the notion of ‘home’ (specifically Brighton) through various media and senses, especially sound. This encompasses sonic art, sound studies, music, geography, urban studies and much more, so I know about the challenges of interdisciplinary research. My PhD is in Creative and Critical Practice, which means I am doing both a theoretical and also a significant practical element. I’m interested in using technology to trigger sound/audio, and am considering writing a video game to locate and explore oral testimony/history in specific spaces. If you are interested in discussing this or even being interviewed as a resident of Brighton, and being part of this research, or anything else, get in touch:, or find me in the Hive (usually Wednesday mornings 9.30-11.30).

I’m also very experienced at working with international students, and might also be able to help you with academic study skills…

Do introduce yourself too please! I look forward to meeting you.




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