Good Things Come In Threes.


Hi everyone!

I’m Marta and I’m the third Sussex Research Hive scholar for this year. We have exciting plans for the PhD community here at Sussex and we look forward to present them to you in the next weeks.

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m starting the second year of my PhD in Ecoomics (and I still can’t believe I’ve been here for a whole year already). I arrived to Sussex after completing my BA and my MA in Italy and I still don’t have any idea of how I ended up doing what I’m doing. So if you are a confused PhD student wondering every day about why are you here, welcome to the club.

As far as I understood, there’s no magic trick to make you feel less confused or to stop having existential crisis every other day (sorry!)… but,  this is precisely why I decided to apply to become a Research Hive Scholar.

I think that the main objective we have as scholars is to try to bring together young enthusiastic passionate and confused researchers here at Sussex and build a space were we can feel like we are normal, “kind of”. What really impressed me during my first year is that I basically know only PhD students in Economics and I only listen to people talking about Economics all the time (boring, I know). So, I truly believe that we should start shaping a community that is made for researchers by researchers, and obviously we can’t do it alone! 

Feel free to come and talk to me during my weekly shifts at the Hive on Friday afternoons. We can have a chat about anything that would help you cope with this crazy thing we decided to do. I’m currently working on political economy in the UK, mostly inequality and political preferences, but I’d be happy to talk with you about any subject from being an international self-funded PhD student to  how to deal with organising your life around teaching, research and work.

We will be talking about a lot of this during our Welcome Event taking place on the 5th October at 5pm @SussexResearchHive.

The idea is to create an informal space were we can get to meet new students and talk about anything we would have liked to have known when we started. There will be talks about the different needs of full- and part- time international and domestic students, parents , workers, teachers…

The key objective is to start setting up a space where(a part from staring at the screen for 12 hours a day) we can feel part of a network of great people who appreciate our big commitment of  trying to  save the world doing research.

… So, join us! there will be pictures and videos, and drawing on the walls, and timelines and colorful post-its..ah..and free drinks at the IDS bar from 6pm 🙂

I hope to meet you all very soon!


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