Coming soon: Sussex Research Hive Welcome Event!

Hey there!

Thanks to all of you who talked to us on Wednesday during the welcome event for new researchers at Sussex! We hope you are as excited as we are for all the great plans we have for this year.

A little summary of what we have been saying during those two hours:

  • The Hive is our space in the library where we can work, meet new researchers, have presentations, read, exchange ideas, make graphs on the whiteboard or simply stair at the beautiful view of the Downs Park and pretend to be working!
  • Marianela, Tom and Marta are the new Research Hive Scholars. Marianela is on shift on Monday morning 9.30-11.30, Tom on Wednesday 9.30-11.30 and Marta on Friday 3-5pm. You can talk with us about anything that involves getting a peer-to-peer support during your PhD… hopefully we will help you out by sharing our experiences (or we might end up crying on each other’s shoulder)
  • If you want to get in touch and help us with organising new events/ contribute to our blog / give us some (positive :P) feedback.. we have:
    • an email address
    • a facebook account:
    • a Twitter account:
    • and obviously the blog 🙂
  • We have already some ideas for the activities organised with and for you: Shut Up and Write, Interdisciplinary Presentations, Social Events… but we will have a lot more to say during our Welcome Event on Wednesday 5th October @5pm. 

We will meet at the Hive (top floor of the library) at 5pm. We will start by introducing ourselves and showing you a bit around. Then we will have some guests who will be delighted to talk with you about any issue or concern you might have regarding this mystic experience of doing a PhD.

The main objective of the event is to improve the connections within our PhD network.

  • We will have a really cool board displaying all the schools at Sussex and by the end of the evening we hope to see it full of names, contacts and research ideas! The idea is to facilitate the creation of interdisciplinary research and new possibilities of working together.
  • There will be a brainstorming session on what do you think we could do to get PhD students together and what sort of activities would improve our research work.
  • There will be glass markers , but I can’t tell you why 😛
  • We will start our timeline of the Hive where hopefully we will keep track of all the progress we are making.
  • We will take pictures, videos, ask your opinion, draw, laugh and … last but not least… we will enjoy a lovely free drink at the IDS bar to celebrate the beginning of the new year (and to reward all of our brainstorming effort) !

If all of this sounds as good as it does in my mind while I’m writing, join us and help us making our PhD the best it could be!

Hope to see you all very soon!…….(At latest on Wednesday, 5th October-5pm at the Hive-in case you didn’t get it yet)

Written by: Marta Schoch


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