Events, survey and much more!

First of all, a big Thank You to everyone that came to our Welcome Event last Wednesday. It was really great to see you all and we have been collecting new great ideas for this year from our chats with all of you.

Since we last met we have been working hard on coming up with an activities calendar for this year and we have many good news. Follow us on a quick update of what’s been happening and what’s coming up:

Schools Hub

At our Welcome Event we set up some boards on the Hive with the names of all the Schools at University. We expect that each one of you Hive users will put a post-it in your respective school with your name, contact and topics of interest. We are then going to set up a mailing list with all the contacts and organise events tailored to those who appear on the boards. So please only put your name and contact if you agree with being included in a Hive Mailing List (we promise not to fill your inbox).

Shut up & Write is back!

Thursday, 27th October at 3:30pm at Dhaba Cafe

We know that these sessions are very helpful for many people and that there are quite a few that actually rely on them to get some writing done. So we are going to continue offering them periodically. Just like last year, we will continue meeting at the Dhaba Cafe at 3:30pm (short before they close) so we can grab a cup of coffee (on the Hive) and sit down and write. For those who are not familiar with it, the cafe then closes and the space is left only for us. So it is actually quiet.

The first session will be on 27th October, as already mentioned. There will be one session each month, the dates are still to be confirmed. So we’ll let you know on that date when the next ones will take place. Also, we will post it here and on Facebook.

Festive Event!

Thursday, 8th December, 16h-18h @ Meeting house

What?!?! Xmas? Already? I know, it sounds crazy to talk about christmas in October, but we need to make sure you won’t let us hanging and try and squeeze our event in. That is going to be a busy time.

We will get together to eat, drink and chat for 2 hours. We are working with the Doctoral School on some activities to make it more active (and academic…) and hopefully there will be loads of people.

Doctoral discussions

Yes, we will continue with those too. They are likely to start in January, 2017. We are working on a programme and will let you know on time so you can fit us in our busy agendas.

Last but not least! Our SURVEY!!

Take our survey please!!!

We have put together a survey that will run from now until… well, possibly until we get no more answers. But it is meant to be a little (very little, it is only 4 questions) suggestions where you can drop us some ideas and comments. It will give us a better idea of what the community wants and will help us a lot to manage the Hive in a way that fits you.

So far that is all, but we’ll come back soon with more updates and info.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Written by: Marianela Barrios


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