Does University feel like home during your PhD?

Probably anyone doing a PhD found herself thinking that university is kind of a second home (probably, even the first one: but we are too cool to admit that).

I surely caught myself thinking that I spend way too much time here.

The last couple of months I’ve been preparing my PhD outline presentation and in the last week before the deadline I decided to treat myself with a Sunday brunch in my office. I said “Well let’s try to make the most out of this”. Also, you kind of feel like 24/7 access to uni is awesome, so why not making the most out of that too?

Sounds like this is just very sad, but I realised it’s not. The routine of coming in the office every day, the noise of the kettle during your break, meeting every day your colleagues and sharing everyday that “Oh my God! where’s the coffee”-look in the corridor: it really makes you feel part of something more than your workplace.

I know , I know we are considered to be still students, but in reality we are really doing a tough extenuating job and I think that what really makes the difference is how much we care about what we do and where we do it. University becomes more than just your workplace, more than just a bunch of classrooms: it kind of feels like home.

This is partly why as Research Hive scholars we are starting a new interesting project to try to explain how this happens. We will be hosting the event “At Home at University? ‘Constructing campus as home with Wikimedia” on the 2nd December 11-12 during the Digitial Innovation Week :(

The main goal of the event is to get together and try to find a way to express how we feel at home when we are at University. We will collect different material (photos, audios, videos) during that morning and then we will see how we can make the most out of it using Wikimedia. Sounds good? Well you just need to book a place, following the link above and join us on the 2nd Dec!

We hope this event will be just the beginning of a series of events based on the concept of Home at University and that you will share your ideas with us! You will have the first chance to do so in person during the International Researcher Lunch organised by the Doctoral School (23rd Nov at 12) , but feel free to contact us or comment on the post if you have any suggestion on “How do you feel at home at university?”

Thanks for reading,



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