This time you’re the guide!

The library is always looking for novel ways of improving our experiences and the services and support it provides. This time they have come up with a great idea: they want you to take them on a tour of the library!

The roles are reversed and you get to show them your library and how you use the space, what you like and dislike, what your overall views of the space are. They will use the information that you and all the other volunteers have given them for Library planning.

This is our chance to have our voices heard about a space that is crucial for our experience at University. But that is not all! As a thank you for volunteering for this event, you will receive £5 voucher for printing, Sussex Food or John Smith’s bookshop.

In my opinion there are no downsides to this opportunity. We are here already anyway, so let’s take part and take the librarians for a tour of “our library”, it’s only 30 min of your time but you can make the difference. Anyone and everyone is welcome (undergrads, researcher, faculty)

If like me, you think this is a great idea and want to participate or know more about it, email Sean Goddard with the subject “UX LIBRARY” at S.P.GODDARD@SUSSEX.AC.UK

Post by: Marianela Barrios


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