Digital Innovation Week is here!

The Digital Innovation Week kicks off today and there are so many things going on on campus and picking is going to be tough, because they all sound interesting and fun!

My pick to start has been the Take 5: Digital Notemaking and Bookmarking for Researchers. It’s going to be a busy week for me and I can use some tips about digital tools that may help me organise my notes and readings. So I decided to take this course, because it’s online (which means I can do it anywhere whenever is convenient for me), it’s short and relevant. Colleagues from Technology Enhanced Learning will introduce me to tools such as OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep, Diigo, Pocket, and Flipboard. Some of those I have heard before, some not… 

Another cool thing happening today is the MindView 6. This course is about the basics of mind mapping and how MindView can be used. It’s today at 10am at the Library Training Room.

Another interesting activity is the Digital Tools for Time Management workshop about some digital apps and tools that can help you plan and manage your time, such as task lists that work across all your devices and tools to help you focus, then supported to try one or two for yourself. This one is on Wednesday, 30th at noon at the Library Visitors Suite.

On Friday, 2nd there are two workshops that promise to be sooo much fun. One of them is the Spherical Photography for Google Maps and Google Cardboard from 10 to 11 at the Library Training Room and the other one is called At Home at University? ‘Constructing campus as home with Wikimedia’ and is a workshop about where you are the creative, and we only facilitate the tools for you to be able to share your ideas with the world. We basically want you to bring some  recorded sounds, videos, or images that you took or recorded on campus and that make you think of home (whatever that means for you). We are then going to upload it to the WikiCommons pages. This one is at 11 until 12:30 at the Library Meeting Room (2nd floor).

This has just been a short summary of all that is going on this week, please do have a look at the entire program here


Have a great innovation week!
By: Marianela Barrios

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