Festive season

The lights are on in the streets, I’ve been seeing mince pies and Christmas decorations all over the place for weeks now. And to be honest, I have kind of refused to get in the festive mood until now. But there is no need to resist anymore, Christmas is around the corner, this is the last week at university for many so we have decided to treat our colleagues and friends to a festive event, with drinks, games, cakes and a fun afternoon together!

This Thursday, 8th December from 4pm to 6pm we will be at the Meeting House with activities, food and drinks and a festive spirit. Join us to say goodbye to this 2016 (finally gone!) and get to know those who you didn’t meet yet and wish happy holidays to friends and colleagues.

The Doctoral School will run a Quiz and has prizes lined up! We (The Hive Scholars) will have games waiting for you in case you need an extra ice-breaker. There will be drinks and food. Families are welcome!

Spread the word and come share the last bits of this 2016 with us before you go off to wherever it is you call home!

Hope to see you there!


By: Marianela Barrios


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